How to Write an Essay - 8 Easy to Follow Steps

Do you know that essay writing requires a complete and thorough process? Many students wrongly think that they could write their essay within a few hours before the deadline.

Unfortunately, such students could not come up with anything more than a mediocre kind of essay that fails to impress the teacher. As a result, they have to settle with a low grade. Luckily, with us, you do not have to sacrifice your grade, stress yourself, and settle with a low grade at all. is a professional writing service that offers quality and affordable writing services to high-school, college, and university students.

Here, we have explained the important steps to write a great essay.

What is the Importance of Essay Writing for Students?

Academic essay writing is the most common form of academic writing for any student as a student has to write numerous essays throughout his academic life. Ever thought that why do teachers focus so much on assigning essays? They do not do it without a purpose.

Usually, students HATE writing essays, and the majority of them consider it a waste of time. However, essay writing is the most basic and probably the most effective kind of assignment for learning essay writing.

It helps the student develop proper research, analytical, and writing skills and prepares him for future endeavors.

Good writing skills come in handy in professional life since the student can use them in many ways.

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How to Write an Essay - Steps to Follow

Here are the important steps that go into writing a good essay.

  • Choose the Kind of Essay There are different kinds of essays, and before beginning with the writing, it is important to choose the type of essay. Different kinds of essays are written in different ways, and when writing any of them, it is important to follow its specific guidelines. Below are the common kinds of essays.
    • Persuasive essay
    • Argumentative essay
    • Descriptive essay
    • Compare and contrast essay
    • Narrative essay
    • Expository essay
    • Informative essay
    • Problem solution essay
    Once you have chosen the kind of essay you want to write, you can structure your essay accordingly and move on to the next step.
  • 2. Find an Engaging and Interesting Topic Without a good topic, you cannot write a good essay. The best way of finding a good topic for your essay is to brainstorm different ideas and see which of them makes a good topic. Brainstorming is an effective way of coming up with interesting topics that you can use to write your essay. Write down all the ideas that come into your mind and choose the one that is interesting and has good research scope.
  • 3. Conduct the Topic Research Once you have found the topic for your essay, conduct thorough and detailed research of it. Using multiple sources is a good idea, but online databases and your school or college’s library are the best places to find reliable and relevant information and sources. Keep all the researched material organized so that you do not have to hunt for the sources to refer to them. It is important that you cite the sources, especially when you present the evidence, and this is why the organization is important.
  • 4. Choose a Suitable Writing Style The writing style will be decided by your teacher, and the entire essay will be according to it. There are several different writing styles, but some of them are not as common as others. Usually, the teachers ask the students to write their essays in the following writing styles.
    • APA - American Psychological Association
    • MLA - Modern Language Association
    • Chicago/Turabian Manual of Style
    Each style is different and has its format and guidelines. This format and style apply to both in-text citations and the list of references. Learn about what is an essay format for different citation styles so that you do not miss any important details.
  • 5. Develop a Consistent Thesis Statement The thesis statement of an essay is the most important and main point of the essay. It is a single sentence that informs the readers about your point of view and the main point of the paper or essay. For a strong and engaging thesis statement, it should be direct and inform the readers about the main subject or topic discussed in the essay. All the points and arguments that you will discuss in the essay should support your thesis and lead the readers to this main point. A perfect thesis statement is brief and engages the readers to read the entire research paper or essay.
  • 6. Create an Outline for Your Essay No good assignment or essay is possible without a perfect essay outline. It is the skeleton of your paper that you will flesh out with your arguments, evidence, and examples. Instead of adding brief points, it is better to make a detailed outline for your essay. This will help you stay focused and follow the logical flow of your work. Add the points that you will add under each heading and refer back to them throughout your essay writing process. This will make sure that you do not go astray and stay focused. Do not add too many details in a single paragraph and use proper transition words and phrases between the paragraphs and ideas.
  • 7. Write your Essay After making the outline, it is time to start writing your essay. Keep the outline of your essay with you and follow it closely. When writing the essay, it is easy to think that you would remember everything and do not need the outline. However, this is where many students are mistaken, and as a result, they miss out on important details and examples of their essays. Usually, an essay has five paragraphs that are given below.
    • Introduction
    • 1st main paragraph
    • 2nd main paragraph
    • 3rd main paragraph
    • Conclusion
    When writing the introduction, you must add the background information and hook of your essay to it. It will keep your readers engaged and interested throughout the essay. In the main part, add each paragraph with a topic sentence. The sentence should speak of the main idea explained in the paragraph.
  • 8. Edit and Proofread After you are done writing the essay, reread the entire essay and check it for any grammatical, spelling, and structural errors. It is the last part of the process, and unfortunately, many students ignore this step and submit their essays without proper editing and proofreading. Due to this, they fail to earn a high grade and have to settle with a low and not-so-great grade. Below is the checklist that you should follow when checking your work.
    • Format of the essay
    • Clarity of the thesis statement
    • Grammatical, structural, and spelling errors
    • Quotes and paraphrased content
    • Usage of the transition words and phrases
    • Citations and the lists of references and bibliography

It is important that you make sure that your essay is complete from all kinds of errors and it is absolutely flawless. Submitting an essay that is low in quality and filled with all kinds of errors will not be able to earn a top grade. Therefore, you must follow all these steps when writing your essay. is a professional ‘write my paper’ service. We specialize in providing affordable and relevant writing services to thousands of students each year. Talk to us and discuss your assignment needs.




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