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The first stage in writing an argumentative essay is to come up with an interesting topic. One of the most difficult aspects of writing an argumentative essay is deciding on a topic.

An argumentative essay differs from other forms of essays in that it is focused on a certain topic. It necessitates that you pick a topic and take a position on it. Facts and evidence must be used to support your point of view.

There are many good argumentative essay topics to choose from on the internet. It takes a long time to research and write a persuasive or argumentative essay. As a result, it's critical to choose a topic that's both interesting and unique enough to help you stand out.

Easy argumentative essay topics are provided in this post to assist you in getting started. Easy argumentative essay topics are provided in this post to assist you in getting started.

How to Choose an Argumentative Essay Topic?

It's challenging to come up with a good and debatable topic. In fact, it can be really unpleasant at times. An argumentative essay focuses on how you feel about a particular topic.

When choosing a topic for an argumentative essay, keep the following tips in mind.

  • Choose a topic that is currently trending. Pay attention to what others are talking about right now.
  • Do not choose topics that do not elicit a response.
  • You must choose a topic that is debatable. 
  • Topics on which everyone agrees should be avoided.
  • It is preferable to avoid discussions about religion and race, as well as other sensitive themes.

Whatever topic you choose, make sure it is not generic or overused. It is important to choose a topic that can grab the reader’s attention and present a fresh point of view.

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Top Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

Below you can find some interesting topics for an argumentative essay from middle school to college level. These examples of argumentative essay topics will help you understand what a great and debatable essay topic is like.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • Reasons for a shorter working week
  • Why is basic first aid knowledge essential?
  • Are social movements political?
  • Should parents interfere in their children’s life after 16?
  • Why should ban human cloning?
  • Global warming vs. climate change
  • Disadvantages of cross-cultural marriages
  • Taboo relationships
  • The role of partners in a relationship
  • The downsides of online dating

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • Pros and cons of free education
  • Why is obesity increasing in the United States?
  • Should internet access be limited to students?
  • Young people must have a right to choose their profession
  • Advantages of the American educational system
  • Benefits of learning foreign languages
  • Should education be commercialized?
  • Is the grading system better than marks?
  • ACT or SAT: Which test is harder?
  • Are college rankings important?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 9

  • Why should school start later?
  • Why do schools need physical education?
  • How can a teacher reduce bullying at school?
  • Gender and society in the classroom
  • Should homework be required in schools?
  • Does dress code affect learning?
  • What would you want to change in your school and why?
  • Why should students learn self-defense?
  • Should pets be allowed in schools?
  • Are cats better than dogs?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids

  • Is it immoral to eat animals?
  • Why is spending time with family important?
  • Five important lessons a parent can teach a child
  • The advantages of being the youngest child
  • Why is having too many friends difficult?
  • Different ways to recognize true friendship
  • Why is it important to learn more than one language?
  • The most significant historical figure
  • Is the dress code a limitation to freedom?
  • Benefits of attending clubs after school

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Does social media affect relationships?
  • Why is gender equality important?
  • Why should the minimum age be raised?
  • Is climate change the greatest threat to human health?
  • Why is it not okay to wear fur coats?
  • Why is the electoral college abolished?
  • Why is arts education important?
  • The future of electric cars
  • Is Artificial Intelligence helpful to the world?
  • Should students work during high school?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  • The emotional expression between men and women
  • Banning smoking in public places
  • Why should alcohol usage be controlled?
  • Should we ban the sale of alcohol after 11 P.M?
  • Why should energy drinks be banned?
  • Why should court proceedings be televised?
  • What should be the minimum age for voting, and why?
  • Age restrictions on smoking and drinking
  • Is there justice for all the United States?
  • Is the death penalty justifiable?
  • Should we teach creationism in public schools?

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Mental Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Why do people cut themselves?
  • The connection between mental illness and creativity
  • Gender differences and mental health
  • What are the physical effects of anxiety?
  • What are the effects of divorce on children?
  • Diagnosis and treatment of self-destructive behavior
  • The relationship between genes and crime
  • The link between color and mental health
  • Ethics in human experimentation
  • What factors affect women’s mental health?

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Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Effective strategies to prevent heart disease
  • Advantages of clinical trials
  • Fast-food consumption and obesity among youngsters
  • Pros and cons of weight loss surgery
  • Effective ways to treat depression
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Mental disorders and their social effects
  • How to attain health equity?
  • How to reduce rising suicide rates?
  • Different ways to develop healthy eating habits

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Social Media Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What are the positive effects of social media?
  • Social media and its impact on society
  • Why is LinkedIn important for your professional behavior?
  • What is the impact of social media on businesses?
  • What are the pros and cons of Facebook?
  • How to handle social media addiction?
  • How to protect your privacy online?
  • Instagram and its effect on youngsters
  • Business communication and the role of social media
  • The impact of social media on human mood

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Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is animal testing ethical?
  • Should polygamy be legalized?
  • The role of law in Judicial decision making
  • Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  • The pros and cons of biological weapons
  • Effectiveness of torture in the most serious crimes
  • Is organized religion necessary?
  • Importance of stem cells
  • Advantages of the genetically modified organism
  • School vaccinations are obligatory

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Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Do dogs miss their masters?
  • Warning signs you are with the wrong driving instructor?
  • Why do people change their names?
  • Why is the customer not always right?
  • Do the clothes make the man?
  • Are we living in a dream?
  • Life is better if you are beautiful
  • Should robots have faces?
  • Is music getting worse over time?
  • Are clowns scary or funny?

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Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How to help teenagers attain a healthy weight?
  • What are the concussion rules in the NFL?
  • Diving or running: which one is better?
  • Are esports considered a sport?
  • Do athletes make good role models?
  • Is competitive sports a good thing?
  • How are sports and politics related?
  • The influence of social manners on the Olympics
  • Sports that should be removed from the Olympics
  • Should boxing be banned?

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Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • The process of adjustment to illness
  • The importance of child’s social anxiety
  • Learning difficulties in the school environment.
  • What are the causes of eating disorders?
  • The reasons for suicidal tendencies
  • Reasons behind psychopathic actions
  • What is the role of social psychology in welfare?
  • Future trends in different types of sports
  • The feeling of guilt and its consequences
  • The causes of false memories

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Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Social media and mental health
  • Do violent video games make young people more violent in real life?
  • Is technology making us more lonely?
  • Are people becoming technological zombies?
  • What is wrong with YouTube comments?
  • How does mobile influence society?
  • Importance of technology in education
  • Should face recognition technology be banned?
  • Does excessive social media use cause depression?
  • How does technology affect creativity?

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Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The impact of advertisement on culture
  • Is it ethical to test on humans?
  • Design is not art
  • Students should get paid for good grades
  • The use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Lecture recording is more effective than taking notes
  • A college degree does not guarantee success
  • Zero tolerance policy is not effective
  • Should community college be free?
  • Should factory farming be banned?

Hopefully, these argumentative essay topics have piqued your interest enough for you to choose one. Create an outline for writing a great argumentative essay once you've decided on a topic.

Hopefully, these argumentative essay topics have piqued your interest enough for you to choose one. Create an outline for writing a great argumentative essay once you've decided on a topic.

If you have no idea how to work on the topic, get help from an expert essay writer. A great team of professionals at is available to guide you.

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